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After 4 successful years at the University of Toronto
We are now expanding to 2 new campuses
Starting September 2016


It only takes 750 people giving $1 a day to fully support 10,000+ Muslim students!


On campus and in the most important years of their lives, Muslim students struggle
to navigate a conflicting and alienating environment all on their own.
The challenges and pain they go through are personal
and invisible.


This is why we created the Muslim Chaplaincy, to provide consistent programming
and specialized support to preserve the mental,
emotional and spiritual well-being of Muslim students.


We are delighted to announce our expansion

in September 2016 to

We need your help to spread this transformative and necessary service!


750 people heart $1 per day will sustain


Hiring Chaplains and support staff to run
operations throughout the year at UofT,
Ryerson University and UofT Scarborough.

500+ Counseling

Confidential one-on-one counselling is a highly
utilized service at the Chaplaincy. Our qualified
Chaplains provide robust mental, emotional and
spiritual support on a wide range of issues.

10+ weekly classes

Across three campuses, daily classes and unique
discussion circles are held on a weekly basis to
provide vibrant and relevant programming for
young people.

10,000+ Mentorship

We reach thousands of people throughout the
year across each campus, and strive to make
them feel welcomed and loved as well as
develop a sense of confidence and
sustainability in their faith.

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297 Goal: 750 Monthly Donors

*Billed Monthly

The Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.